Using our proprietary mobile APP towards intelligent all access. All inclusive, all in control. All included in our APP, your daily route is an easy all-in-one.

Smart Building All Access Management 

  •  All included in our APP, your daily route is an easy all-in-one

  • Access to the building, lifts and your own workshop without keys and password

  • Remote share one time key code, enable visitors come to yours without registration

  • Direct link to Building Management Office

Smart 5G Workshop Network Topology*

  • Full coverage of 5G mobile network signal offers over 10 times faster internet speed with high speed internet backbone

  • Cloud technology optimization & Cloud storage benefits workshop environment

  • “Server-free” workshop environment (Cloud-based)

  • Package for Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) to Cloud storage

  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) package

Intelligent Workshop Services*

  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) enable users work with their mobile device remotely. Your 5G workshop is everywhere.

  • Remote Conference Access & Smart Environmental Monitoring

*Offering specific IT solution and package  for privilege tenants

Global Business Elites Matching

  • Global business elites at your neighbour

  • 46 Tsun Yip Street exclusive business meeting, business value upgrade anywhere

 Concierge Service cum Benefits  

  • All-round support available, from workshop cleaning to technical support.

  • Trouble-free smart working environment to enable you to fully focus on business growth. 


Smart Locker

  • Contactless delivery available, simply one touch to remote control locker 


One-touch RSVP

  • Register exclusively via APP for all business seminars. Be the pioneer anywhere. 

Intelligent Security & Smart Building Services System

  • Smart building access and visitors management: All Inclusive, All in Control

  • Smart control for entrances and elevators with ease and security

  • Share virtual key access to visitors smartly, registration-free and safe

  • User and visitor access log in Cloud

  • 24-hour real time surveillance with pay-back function